Thursday, 1 May 2014

Throw Back Thursday | XOX

My BFF Christine and I have been tight pretty much since the day we first met, way back in the summer of of 1996.  We clicked right from the start.  

Fast forward a few years to the summer of 2012 - Christine's wedding!  I knew I'd be making a quilt for my bestie and her beau, and just needed a little inspiration.  That's when I came across this beautiful Flea Market Fancy Quilt  at Red Pepper Quilts and I knew it was the one!  This was my first attempt at paper piecing and time was short so I decided to create a band of pinwheels rather than try to tackle an entire quilt top.  

I chose to create a secondary pattern by alternating warm and cool colours (Colour Theory 101: Warm colours advance and Cool colours recede).  I was so pleased to see the pattern of Xs and Os start to emerge - hugs and kisses, perfect for the newlyweds!

Does anyone else out there associate people with colours?  Or is that just me?  Anyways, in my mind Christine's colour is a fresh, vibrant aqua.  Exactly like this binding!

Happy May Day!

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